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Before talking about Best Java IDE lets discuss a little bit about what is Java IDE. Before starting to write program you must be setup some software where you can type your code and compile it. That is a Java IDE for which you are looking for. Before starting java code you need to search for the best IDE



An IDE is nothing but integrated development environment some time called interactive development environment provide you a well build environment to write your code, compile your code, debug your code and run your code. Many IDE provides various facilities like “on page error checking and correction” such as Net Beans IDE and Eclipse IDE. IDE is a combination of a text editor along with a compiler and some other plugins attached to it. Which helps us to code more efficiently. There is also a debugger in IDE so you can also debug your code line by line.

Now let’s look at the available Java IDE where you can start developing your Java application. You can decide your own that which will be best Java IDE for your development.


As we already discussed in a previous post that how can you compile and run with a normal text editor and a compiler.


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Net Beans is best IDE for Coding Java as per my experience. Net Beans provide a quick and smart way to code. This IDE not only provide a Java development environment, it also provides environment for other programming and web developing languages. Net Beans provide support to many desktops, mobile and web application development environment in many languages like Java, C/C++, HTML5, PHP and many more. The latest version of Net Bean is 7.4 which is already in the market. Its free IDE also open source. You can easily download net beans from its official site.
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Eclipse is also very good IDE. Those who already do coding on it don’t want to switch to another IDE. Eclipse also provides a dashing development environment with GUI for so many programming languages. Along with Java eclipse is also widely used for Android developers. Eclipse is a free and open source. You can download eclipse from its official website for free.

There are several version of IDE available





IntelliJ IDEA is the name of IDE developed by Jet Brains for all professional Java developers. A well know Java IDE written in Java itself release in 2001. It was its kind of first Java IDE which provide advanced code navigation and code re-factoring. Also available for android developer for developing Android apps.
Other Language IDE’s also available here…

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JCreater is advanced Java IDE with code folding and pop up for code completion. JCreater is one who claim itself as one of the fastest and efficient Java development IDE. JCreater is written in a C++ programming language which is the reason behind its faster execution as compare to other Java IDE.

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  1. BLUEJ

BlueJ is free and basically designed to teach people about object oriented with Java. BlueJ provides fully integrated environment along with graphical class structure display and graphical and textual editing. BlueJ has built in editor, compiler, virtual machine, and debugger like other IDE. This IDE is said to be ideal for beginners.

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DrJava is lightweight integrated development environment which is best designed for student. For any beginner this tool is best to start with. As already said its speciality designed for student so you can find more of intuitive interface in this IDE. Its free software and also open sourced under BSD license. Currently its under JavaPLT group at rice university and going through development phase.


Again a lightweight development environment for Java developer. Specially provide automatic generation of software visualization which surely help the comprehensibility of software. Its source code is completely in Java and it is compatible with all type of operating system as it run on Java virtual machine.


  1. JEDIT

Called as editor for mature Java programmer. Written in Java so again no need to worry about operating system as it runs in Java virtual machine. Support hundred of plugins and macros. Feature also include syntax highlighting which support more than 200 programming language.



Build upon eclipse platform by bunch of eclipse founding members of eclipse . Commingle with two versions Blue edition and MyEclipse spring edition . Very much suitable for web based projects . More important is its not free as eclipse IDE so think before you chose this one.



After listing 10 development integration tools I hope you will able to find out one for you. Which is best for you is better decided by yourself. If you chose a more comfortable IDE where you will get all method and class suggestion on each line than it will be like spoon feeding for your programming skill . You will depends on such type of Java IDE and unable to code without it . But if you chose some lightweight IDE or start using simple text editor than it will definitely increase your coding skill . If you want a IDE for your professional life than you can go for any above GUI based IDE . For me NetBeans is best java IDE for any type of development. If you are beginner than either go for NetBeans or Eclipse IDE. These are best Java IDE in market. If you are mature coder than you hardly need any IDE, than you can code using any Text editor and compile it with command prompt. For mature coder JEdit is best Java IDE.

For Beginners I recommended to use below IDE



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