Node.js Version 6 LTS Released

Short Intro: To ensure an improvement performance experience for its 3.5 million users, Node.js Foundation has released Node.js Version 6 with Long Term Support. This release supports 93 percent of the ECMAScript 6 standard and uses Google’s V8 version 5.0 for the JS engine.

Node.js, the JavaScript runtime, has hit version 6. The new Node.js v6 brings along lots of performance and security enhancements.

Node.js v6 is released as a long term support (LTS) release with an aim to provide a high-quality solution to the developers without compromising on the consistency front. Thus, Node.js 6.x will continue receiving official support until April 2018 and then grab only maintenance updates until April 2019.
This Node.js 6 LTS release has also marked the end of Long Term Support for the Node.js 0.12 branch. As a result, currently, the officially supported versions are 4.x and 6.x.

Note that the Long Term Support for Node.js 4.x will end in April 2017. So, you’re having plenty of time to make the move to 6.x LTS version.

However, Node.js 6.x will continue to remain the recommended Node.js version for the production usage because even though Node.js 6.x is a stable release, it will also contain new JS features that are under testing.

Node.js also supports 93 percent of the ECMAScript 6 standard that was released in June 2015, which is much higher as compared to the 56 percent support provided by Node.js 5.x.

The other major changes in Node.js 6.x include the usage of Google’s V8 version 5.0 for the JS engine and other improvements.

Node.js v6

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