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Top 8 Free IDE for C and C++ Programmers

If you are a C or C++ Programmer, and looking for a great IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for running, testing and building some fine codes, with great ease, then you are at the right place. IDE’s have evolved over time and now we… Continue Reading →

Linked List -part 2

      LINKED LIST Definition: A Linked list is a sequence of items(objects) where every item is linked to the next. ->Each node stores -element -link   to  the next node. Graphical    structure: Eg:   NOTE: Linked list last node pointer should… Continue Reading →

Linked List – part 1

           DATA STRUCTURES –LINKED LIST Hai friends,today the topic that we are going to see is about LINKED LIST IN C.While studying data structure the basic is Linked List.LINKED LIST will give the idea to proceed others like trees,graphs.This Linked… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Java Programs For Freshers. Kick Start Coding With A Flair!

Hey, I found you searching for the top 10 Java Programs for freshers. Welcome to GUVI Blogs. This is Prashanth, a Java and Selenium Expert, sharing the experience that has taken me a long way! Learn, Code, & Practice here… Continue Reading →

Looking for BEST Java IDE for java programming language?

  Before talking about Best Java IDE lets discuss a little bit about what is Java IDE. Before starting to write program you must be setup some software where you can type your code and compile it. That is a Java IDE for… Continue Reading →

Data Driven Testing in Selenium using JXL (Part 2)

We learned what is Data driven testing and how we can use JXL to read data from Excel Sheets in Part 1 of our previous post. But the greatest question of the day is, how to use JXL for data… Continue Reading →

Data driven testing In Selenium using JXL (Part 1)

In my first post in Guvi blog, I would like to write one of the common scenario which we will encounter while working with Selenium and during framework development, which is getting data from external source (data driven testing). We… Continue Reading →

Cup of coffee with java

                                                       CUP OF COFFEE WITH JAVA -Roshini Panarajan In every success there is some… Continue Reading →

Whats your personal computer weight? Is it in Ton or Kgs?

 You might be surprised to know that the first computer came in the year ‘1945’. The early computer history tells us that the first electronic digital computer called “ENIAC” (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was introduced in 1945 in Philadelphia… Continue Reading →

Evolution of social Networks – “if you’re not NETWORKING, you’re NOT WORKING” !! :)

Facebook “It is the only book that every person opens everyday! 🙂 But is this the only social networking site that was first devoloped? No 🙂 At first, in the very beginning ARPA NET for United States Department of defense… Continue Reading →

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