PHP Series – 001 – Hello World


  • PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP is a programming language,it is simple to learn,simple to write,simple to read and simple to debug.
  • PHP is a serverside scripting language that has its main implementation in web development.
  • PHP has effectively a garbage collected environment.
  • It is a combination of web browser and webserver.
  • Example for PHP



The main difference between PHP and Other languages are :-

1.PHP variables are started with Doller sign($)

2.PHP has only two numerical types.



3.C,C++ is a compiled language and PHP is a interpreted language.

Example for compiled and interpreted language is


The simple helloworld program make the difference between php and other languages.

[code language=”css”]

using System;

class ExampleClass{

static void Main(){Console.WriteLine(“Hello, world!”);



In PHP we can simple to create

[code language=”css”]

<?php echo ‘Hello World’;?>




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