10 Simple Creative Project Ideas To Make Your Life Easy!

Project Ideas

Are you juggling hard with your life in search of an easy project?

If you really think that you can kickstart building a project as soon as an idea of your interest gets clicked, then we are here with an array of the simplest project ideas that you can indulge on.

Simply, pick the one you think you can build up from scratch. Then build the best project portfolio!

Here’s a list of simple yet creative Project Ideas :

Some of the best Project Ideas

Creating your Own Search Engine

Search Engine is a huge database of internet resources. It can be anything such as web pages, newsgroups, programs, images, etc. Search Engines help to locate information on World Wide Web. You just need to pass a query and then search for it.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft,, Bing, Baidu, etc. are the popular search engines in the market today.

13 Best Search Engines in the World - The Teal Mango

How to build this project:

  • Create a web page (Asp.NET) with a text area, into which text can be typed or pasted.
  • Another text box can accept a ‘search string’. When a button is clicked, the text in the text area is searched for the ‘search string’ and the number of occurrences is displayed.
  • Word comparison is case insensitive, which means, ‘cat’ and ‘Cat’ and ‘CAT’ are the same word.

Music Players

Digital music players play music as audio files, such as MP3. In addition, most of these devices allow to store video, pictures, and to receive radio and TV programs (podcasting). Earphones and external speakers are the typical output devices delivering sound to the listener.

Spotify, Wink, Groove Music, Vox, iTunes, Musicbee, etc. are some of the best music players in the market today.

How to build this project:

music players in 2021
  • Implement MediaPlayer class
  • Use methods like pause, play and stop
  • Use external files(images, audios, etc)
  • Build the interface Music Player Android App.

Find details on more projects here.

A Twitter Client

CRUD app To manage a hospital with doctors, patients, and Appointments

Make a list that would automatically play your Favorite YouTube Songs

Weather App

Credit Card Fraud Detection

YouTube Trending Video Statistics

Exercise Tracker

In addition to the promised 10 Simple Creative Project Ideas, we want to provide a few more ideas that are equally simple and creative at the same time. Also, For students who are really curious and eager to find more such project ideas, feel free to visit: GUVI Blogs.

More Simple Creative Project Ideas for you

Find the details of all these projects here.

  1. Meeting Scheduling Web App
  2. Distributed Banking System
  3. Smart Parking System.

If you are interested in Mini Projects, Checkout the Mini Project Ideas Below: Top 30 Mini Project Ideas for Students.

While these project ideas stand great on their own, you can even customize them and pour your additional valuable inputs. By the way, making any simple idea creative is completely your take on them. So, go ahead and create tech wonders while building extraordinary projects for your College final year projects and more.

Are you looking for more such Project Ideas that are simple and at the same time very trending, then get in touch with our experts!

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