Python Ninja from Builders Engineering College

By writing 5724 lines of Python code in GUVI platform, coding veteran Mr. Thirunavukkarasu challenges the grads from 900+ educational institutions and tops the leaderboard in GUVI platform.

While using WhatsApp in a smartphone is a day of celebration for people born before 1960’s, Mr.Thirunavukkarasu solves programming problems in GUVI’s CodeKata day-in and day-out persistently. With 33 years of teaching experience, he is working as Training Officer at Builders Engineering College, Kangayam, Tirppur District.

When GUVI was introduced to Builder’s college for technical training, we got introduced to Mr. Thirunavukkarasu as a technical trainer. Though we assumed he would delegate the task of using the platform to his students ( as it is done in most of the colleges ), to our surprise he took it on himself and became the most curious and avid user of GUVI. While we were excited to answer the queries he raised during the process, the entire GUVI team was happy and inspired on seeing the passion and the efforts he took to keep himself hands-on with the technology skills and pass it on to his students.

While many think that programming is mysterious and confusing, he solved nearly 409 programming problems in code kata from various levels such as Beginner, Player, Hunter and Pro which is classified based on the complexity of the problem. He scored a magnificent 117285 CodeKata points in GUVI. leaderboard

As an experienced trainer, he never felt hesitant to approach young developers who might be senior in experience. He always pushed the boundary to get the best for his students. The most interesting quality which makes him an admirable person is his consistent learning and sharing attitude from the developer community. What else could be a best attribute for a coach or trainer than being a constant learner?

After solving all the problems by himself in GUVI Code kata, he is now training his students to solve the programming problems in GUVI. He perfectly understands the fact that learning programming is like doing workouts in a gym.You can’t expect the results in one day. But every day of practice counts and directs you to success. The entire Builder’s Engineering College and GUVI crew is confident that Mr. Thirunavukkarasu’s encouragement to his students to solve problems daily in GUVI CodeKata will surely make them a skilled software programmer. thirukanda

                   Mr.Thirunavukkarasu’s Guvi Profile  (

Learning to code is daunting even to young champs who are in the world of humongous technological exposure. Fortunately, people like Mr.Thirunavukkarasu is here to tell us that learning to code at 65 is not only possible, one can even make a new career out of it.

GUVI team appreciates Mr.Thirunavukkarasu and his beloved students efforts to become better programmers and will continue our constant support to Builders Engineering College.

Mr. Thirunavukkarasu’s GUVI profile

About GUVI CodeKata:

CodeKata is a repository of programming problems in GUVI platform. The problems are of high quality in par with industry expectations & evaluation, powered by collective intelligence of industry experts and grouped as per complexity.The Gamified approach in the platform keep the students more engaged in the platform. Till now 64000 students has learnt and practiced programming through GUVI CodeKata and consist of a massive collection of 7000 problem statements. Students has voluntarily solved and submitted 34 Lakhs LOC ( lines of code ) till now for evaluation.

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