Quotes for real programmers !!

Welcome to GUVI Blogs from Team GUVI.  Today, we are bringing you some handmade quotes that can help motivate a programmer or two.  We always believe that programmers also need a lot of motivation and inspiration to achieve greatness in their programming careers.  So here you go on some of our thoughts. 1440_Programmer Table

  • “Programming is a rhythm game, the more you are in rhythm, the better output you would produce”
  • “A refactor a day keeps technical debt away”
  • “A tired programmer is a stupid programmer”
  • “A good programmer is one who can think of many different solutions to a coding problem and applies the best solution to that problem”
  • “Code is like an art, the more artistic approach you take to build it, the more beautiful it will be”
  • “The best time to review your code is NOW, don’t delay it”
  • “Your code is like your girlfriend, the more you take care of it, the less it will bug you”
  • “Code should be so expressive that comments should not be needed to understand the code”
  • “Bad code is like diesel engine, it has high maintenance costs.  Good code is like petrol engine, it has low maintenance costs”
  • “Code is an art and the programmer is an artist, it all depends on the artist on how beautiful he wants his / her art to be.  The more effort he puts in, the more beautiful the code will be”
  • “Programmer is not an individual entity, he is part of an entire software team that is doing something meaningful.”
  • “A good programmer will always have a desire to get better and better, to code better and better as day progresses”
  • “Once you understand the programming concepts, learning a new programming language is not difficult.  But it takes time to master a new language”

Thanks for taking time to read this.  If you feel this might help someone, please share this via Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus.  If you like this post, join us through the GUVI Facebook fan page.  Or visit us at GUVI.  This is Rajaraman from Team GUVI signing off.

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