Role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Agri-supply chain

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the hour. Amidst so much about it going on around the world, it is becoming a mandate to understand its implementations. With employees amounting to more than half of India’s workforce, Agriculture has been and still the primary livelihood source for many. We are the second-largest producer of wheat, rice, and major food grains in the world. India is also one of the five largest producers of cash crops and agricultural produce.

Source: Wikipedia:,coconut%2C%20sugarcane%20and%20numerous%20vegetables.

Yet, our agricultural practices still depend on traditional methods of farming. Most farmers are still far behind in adopting modern technology and efficient ways of farming. The recently concluded RAISE summit put forth the concept of AI enhancing our agricultural capabilities. Many industry experts discussed and shared their views on agriculture’s current state and how it can be improved with AI.

Artificial Intelligence or AI for short has been often dubbed as the “Tech of the century” and will have quite profound implications in the Agricultural sector transformation. Both fields of agriculture and the Agri-supply chain will benefit widely from the implementation of AI.

How Artificial Intelligence will help in the future of agriculture?

Forecasting weather data:

AI can help farmers in keeping up with the weather information. As agriculture primarily depends upon the season and its changes, the forecasts will help make decisions for increasing yields and profits without risking the crop. The data analyzed will help the farmer take precautions and smart choices.

Crop and soil health:

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to identify or monitor possible nutrient deficiencies and defects in the soil. Through the Image Recognition Approach, AI can identify the potential flaws in the images captured by a camera. Based on Deep Learning methods, applications are being developed to analyze flora patterns. They can help in understanding soil problems, pests, and plant diseases.

Harvesting crops:

Surprising, isn’t it? AI-powered agriculture bots will help farmers overcome the labor challenges and finish up works faster than manual labor. They can harvest crops at a higher volume and speed when compared to their human counterparts. By using advanced computer vision, AI bots can also monitor the weed and time the pesticide spray schedule for a clean harvest.

How will Artificial Intelligence transform the future of agriculture and its allied industries?


Presently, AI-powered tech is used for solving problems across many verticals like finance, transport, healthcare, and many more. Monitoring crop patterns to timing the harvest, the applications of AI are enormous. In short, it can be said that AI is revolutionizing the agricultural industry, and now is an excellent time to explore career opportunities in the field.

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