Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Manager

A Product Manager is similar to the Heart of an Organization or Company. Product managers are often known for their soft skills: leadership qualities, perfection, innovation, creativity, etc. The Product Manager is the one who has to set the product vision and strategy. Developing the products by researching the market trends, making the pricing for the developed product, analyzing marketing strategies are additional duties of a product manager.


The product Manager is the one who is explainable for defining the why, what and when details of the product that the team is building on.
A product manager may also have to take up additional responsibilities under marketing, forecasting and profit and loss. A deep product expertise is essential for him to lead the Organization and make product decisions. Product Manager’s key role is to ensure that the product supports the Company’s overall strategy and goals.

Most Product Manager roles have several key components including:

  1. Domain Mastery:

    A widened knowledge about the Market and product area is essential as this is what the Company too expects from a
    Product Manager. Additionally, a Product Manager should know about the Target Audience of the Company-“Customers”
    and the whole Business flow.

  2. Business command:

    A Product Manager should be similar to “Jack of all Trades” under a Business. Being an expert in Business doesn’t
    stop with having a full-fledged knowledge about the product alone, but generating a good profit out of it for the
    Company, that is, the deliverable at the end should give a good turnover for the Company.

  3. Leadership Qualities:

    A product Manager always has to lend a hand to his peers and be a Team player. Many times, team mates would come
    to ask for clarifications and suggestions. To be a good guide during those times, a Product Manager ought to have
    exceptional Leadership skills. It shouldn’t be bossy or domineering but have to be counterpart friendly that would
    lead to a fruitful outcome for the Company. Cultivating leadership skills within oneself thus becomes vital.

  4. Operational ability:

    It is the functional skill that requires the full capability of the person to get it reflected in an Organization
    by performing well in the tasks and duties given to them. Though having a power to get it done by peers under
    him,a product manager takes it responsible for the activities concerned with the job and do it their own way.

The Product Manager would play the role in describing how the product is to be made to the Product Team. He has to fixate the release process and do further actions to bring the product to market. He has to act as the barrier who smoothly connects all the teams in a company namely Sales, Marketing, Customer Support. He is the one whose responsive for managing dependencies and decide release phases.


  1. Product Manager should act as a product leader within the Company. They should have technical product knowledge
    and domain expertise.
  2. Product Managers should act as a mediator between the product and the Customer.
    They should have an understanding of user expectations and needs.
  3. Pilot testing involves having a group of end users try the system prior to its full deployment in order to give
    feedback on its performance.
    Beta testing is testing of the product in the user environment.
    A product manager is responsible to run Beta and Pilot programs during the pilot phase with final end products
    and samples.
  4. The product manager is responsible for fixing the release process and coordinating all of the activities needed
    to take the product to market. This involves closing gaps between different functionalities within the company
    and aligning all the teams involved namely marketing, sales, and customer support.
  5. To Have a smooth talk with the Stake Holders and to Market Audience.

The Product Manager is the one who is responsible for leading the team and is in charge of having the cross-check over the activities carried on by the team to ensure that it meets up with the desired end result which is expected.In this era of Technology where it is tough to manage and prioritize the flow of ideas, a product manager plays a crucial role in coherently bringing a product from its start phase till it’s release and get it successfully running in the market.

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