Secret Sauce for Clearing Interviews

“I answered all the questions in the interview ,but I don’t know why they did not select me”

-This is the usual question from most of the people who did not clear the interview.

Why someone will reject a candidate who answered all the questions correctly.If you think from company side ,you will come to know that recruiting a right candidate is a painful process.So missing a right candidate is a costlier mistake from their side.Ok then why rejection happens?

Reasons can be one of the following

As an interviewer I am listing down my observations about the candidates whom I have evaluated.

Attending interviews without preparation

Interview is not semester exam where we used to read overnight and write the exams.90% of the time you will fail in interviews if you don’t prepare well.Interview is not an exam,its an opportunity to showcase your skills.So if you don’t posses any skills what will you showcase there.


Product or Service Company

Preparation has to be different for Product and Service Company.Product companies expect you to be strong in DS and Algos irrespective of the programming languages.Most of the times they will be ok with any programming language.They look for only logical thinking.So do some research about the companies before taking interviews.Always look for job description.



Like BigBoss Kanja Karupu some students ask me what is attitude mam? Companies does not look only for your tech skills.Most of the time you have to work in a team.So interviewer will check whether you will get aligned with their company’s work culture.A new entry may spoil an entire team because of his attitude.Some students believe that they already learnt everything ,this attitude will stop him/her from learning from others.He will try to overshadow others. attitude

I have listed only few of the reasons.Will it be interesting to hear more from the person who has taken 100’s of interviews.To know more ,register for the Interview Cracking Skills workshop by Guvi

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You will get the answer for:

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  9. How to overcome communication barriers?


Mr.Arun Prakash (Founder/CTO of GUVI) with 15+ years of experience in product companies, AI & ML expert.

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