Selenium Testing Tool: A Cool Intro To Begin!

Introduction to Selenium Testing tool

Selenium is all about Testing Web Apps

Selenium is an automation testing tool, especially for web-based applications. It can run in different browsers and platforms. It has many components that include

  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)rc
  • (IDE)ide Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  • wdSelenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Gridgrid.

It supports many platforms and multiple Operating Systems. Selenium supports multiple languages like Java, C#, Python, PHP, Perl.

It is independent of the language of the web application i.e., if we have written a web application in Perl, we can write the test script using java.

Do you know how selenium got this name?

Jason Huggins invented this selenium. For your information, the prior name of the selenium was “JavaScript Test Runner.”

Jasson Huggins

The name Selenium comes from a joke made by Huggins in an email,. In the mail, mocking a competitor named Mercury, it was said that you can cure mercury poisoning by taking selenium supplements. Then the others that received the email took the name and ran with it.



Mercury Interactive Corp developed QTP. Later, the company was acquired by Hewlett Packard. And Selenium is a very good antinode for mercury poisoning. So, Jasson suggested this name.

How did Jasson get this idea?bulb

Jasson was working in ThoughtWorks, on a project. He came across a situation where he should do repetitive tests and got bored. It was then that he wrote a JavaScript that controls the browser’s actions automatically! Good for us.




Same Origin Policy

Here, in each and every domain we have many applications as shown in Figs. 1.1, 1.2. So, include a security feature same-origin policy states that JavaScript cannot access WebElements of a Web application in other domains. Again, the last fig numbered 1.3 states clearly that cannot be accessed from JS written in Google.

Selenium Remote Control (RC)

For executing tests, scripts web servers, and web apps should be made available on local computers. So, to solve this issue, Paul Hammant created a server. Here, this server would act as an HTTP proxy. Then, it was easy to trick the browser. How??? By making it believe that the selenium core and the web app were tested from the same domain.

Paul Hammant

Selenium Grid

For the Largest test suite (group of test cases) and slower running test suites, Patrick Lightbody introduced a new concept called “Selenium Grid”. In his idea, parallel execution of test cases in different browsers and environments can be done. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the time to execute all the test cases.

Patrick Lightbody


Selenium IDE

Shinya kasatani of Japan developed the selenium IDE as a Firefox plugin. Certainly, he created this for non-programmers. In addition to it, it has record and playback options. Moreover, the execution speed also increased. Then he donated this project to the selenium project in 2006.

Shinya kasatani

Selenium WebDriver

Firstly, Selenium Web Driver is the only thing that controlled browser actions from the OS level. Simon Stewart developed this web driver. In addition, other tools like IDE, RC utilizes the selenium core in the browser as their important thing.

Simon Stewart 

So, that was a really cool and short intro into selenium. Hope to bring to you many more short pieces of information like these. Till then stay tuned with our blog site here.

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