Skills vs Certifications | What is important to get Job Offers?

Most of the times, many learners strive hard to obtain certifications & even get anxious for not receiving certifications after completing a course. But, when we challenge skills vs certifications, are certificates enough to build our careers?

Certificates are the documents that translate to validate degrees, appreciations, & other credentials that we recieve from institutions like school, colleges, universities, or even from EdTech companies after the completion of any course. These certificates are formal proof that one has gained knowledge as a sign of  expertise achieved through the course period.

Is acquiring skills important than certificates?

Well, writing an exam, clearing it & receiving a piece of paper that declares your knowledge level is one side of a coin. And, developing your ability through practice to possess skills is another side of the coin. 

Since the job market is competitive at its heights, it’s of paramount importance for any job aspirant to stand out from others projecting their advanced capabilities. Here, the degree or the certifications may appear worthless but they aren’t! The lessons learnt in the courses & classes will guide you to gain the practical experience & skill. Now, it totally depends on the job aspirant to put the gained knowledge into practice for gaining the relevant skills in any specialization. 

With the present education system that lack a skill-centered approach, mere knowledge imparted in the bachelor’s degrees like computer science & information technology doesn’t suffice for serious job aspirants to hit the software & IT industry. Let’s relate this to a candidate aspiring to land an IT job offer, say, for a software engineer role. Now, irrespective of their educational background (technical/non-technical), their degree plays merely a supportive role in the interview / recruitment process. 

What do the employers look for in job candidates?

Considering the previous scenario of an aspirant trying for software engineering role. Here, the employers will test any candidate looking for their strong knowledge in data structures & algorithms. Also, prefer someone with hardcore skills like – programming & coding skills, development skills, object-oriented design skills, software testing & debugging skills along with problem solving & logical thinking.  

Hence, skills are more essential in the modern day career progression. Many popular companies like Apple, Google & IBM seek for rightly talented resources to fill their companies’ vacancies. Furthermore, they might overlook the fact that you hold a degree or not.

 “About 15% of the people we hire, do not have four-year degrees. There’s an opportunity to broaden the candidates to fill the skills gap.” 

– IBM’s vice president of Talent 

Ultimately, in the battle of skills vs certifications. We can say that, it is the skillset of a job aspirant that attracts the employers, clients or management for filtering in the recruitment. Without relevant skills, the aspirants/even early professionals might not catch hold the interest of their superiors & gain success. Indicating that, skills are eternal assets for you career growth. 

Certifications or degrees without skills are meaningless. Sometimes, these might help you get into a job. But, it’s the skillset that will help you get through your future in a progressive way. Also, not every person who has a specific skill is capable of attaining a degree/certification. Likewise, every certificate or degree doesn’t always validate your skillset. Truly, the wise advice by the industry experts is that the certifications & skills need to go hand-in-hand. Eventually, this will place yourself at the top of the career ladder with a label of ‘survival of the fittest’. 

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