Stepping Into A Tech Job In MNC? These Are The Must-Have Skills!

must-have skills for a tech job in MNC

Do you have the skills, that are essential to excel in a tech job in MNC? Are you ‘skill-i-fied’ enough for an IT career? How to make a distinguished existence in IT jobs? As a student or a budding fresher, you might be drowned with a bundle of such questions.

The impending skill gap between the existing talent pool of IT professionals and the requirements of a tech job in MNCs poses a serious concern. There seems to be a perpetual shortage of candidates in the ever-growing Indian workforce. Precisely candidates with the right skill set to fill up tech roles or IT jobs. Well, we’re here to distill once and for all the skillset that’d be required of you as someone with a tech role in an MNC. Let’s dive in.

Which are the most in-demand skills essential for a tech job in MNC?

tech job in MNC

Knowledge of data structures and algorithms

Gone are the days when knowledge of programming language syntax alone will work in your favor. Learning to optimize algorithms and implement data structures is important to work on large-scale data and solve a plethora of queries.

Programming skills is a key skill for a tech job in MNC

While proficiency in multiple programming languages is definitely going to get you noticed, hands-on experience in a particular language and the credibility to write correct code will help you stand out and secure software development opportunities for you.

As far as more advanced programming skills are concerned, a skill base in web development, data science, or machine learning can be applied across technologies and will secure you much better opportunities with leading MNCs.

Mobile app development- most promising IT jobs

MNCs see immense scope in Mobile App Development. It empowers brand-building, improves user engagement, increases awareness, and enhances revenue growth. People across classes have access to mobile phones and the internet like never before, and it’s no surprise that a knowledge base of Android, iOS, etc. is in extremely high demand.

SEO/SEM Marketing- in vogue career

The main difference between SEM and SEO is that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a paid strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an organic strategy. SEO helps increase the number of website visitors by getting the site to appear high on search engine results. SEM is an umbrella term that includes Internet marketing to increase a site’s visibility through advertising, as well as the organic search engine results.

MNCs obviously want quality traffic, ongoing optimization, testing & site assessment, and
analysis reports. A skill base that enables them with an inbound marketing strategy will surely be a decent advantage.

Data visualization

Data visualization refers to techniques for representing data or information encoded in a graph, chart, or other visual formats. It allows trends and patterns to be easily seen and widely understood. All IT jobs dwell on this section of tech skills.
The human brain tends to process visual information far more easily than written information. A data visualization skill base will help your employer communicate findings in constructive ways and embrace emerging trends while also interacting with data. It’s a powerful skill that helps MNCs understand the connections between operations and results.

Data Engineering – the most essential skill for a tech job in MNC

Data engineers are responsible for developing algorithms and finding trends in data sets in order to make raw data more useful to the enterprise. It’s especially important for companies that handle large and complex datasets and databases to have business goals in line when working with data.
Check out the data science hierarchy of needs to better understand where data engineering can prove to be a valuable skill:

data science hierarchy of needs

UI/UX Design

UX helps define customer journeys on the website, which is most conducive to business success. Designing and development flow hand-in-hand in the tech world.
As someone with a skill-base in UI/UX design, you can help your employer gain a competitive advantage using user experience and design. This is valuable because of benefits like reduced development time, customer acquisition and retention, lower support costs, and increased overall productivity.

Cybersecurity– cutting edge tech career

cybersecurity- tech job in MNC

Another most in-demand skill for a tech job in MNC is Cybersecurity. It retains customers’ trust and is hugely responsible for empowering your workforce. It encompasses everything that pertains to protecting our most sensitive data from theft and damage attempted. Need we explain this more? Consider building a stronghold of Cybersecurity to shine in your tech career.

Cloud computing

One of the best skills required for a tech job in MNC is Cloud computing. It requires little to no maintenance. In addition, it offers flexibility, easy access, data recovery, and a higher level of security. Cloud computing-based skills are suitable for businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands and rapid growth.

Cloud Computing- must-have skill to get into MNC


Blockchain is a distributed digitalized ledger technology. It enables legitimate and extremely secure transactions to take place by means of a point-to-point network. Since its introduction over a decade now, blockchain has continued to gain popularity. And, has become increasingly useful in a lot of domains. A basic knowledge base of blockchain technology definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances of securing a tech role in an MNC.


One of the most trending technology, you should train yourself on for a tech job in MNC is IoT. Internet of things (IoT) is something every major organization is excited about. On the other hand, not every organization possess the skills for as per reports. In short, it’s a skill set that is relatively new in the real world. And could really help you carve a niche for yourself if you’re methodical about nurturing it.

Make a bigger impact with soft skills!

Soft skills is a blanket term referring to various behaviors that help you work and socialize well with others. Essentially, they relate to how you work and include listening skills, empathy, and time management, among others.

Hard skills are concrete skills that are specific to your job and are a basic need for you to perform your tasks. Coding, data analysis, or project management would be a few examples of hard skills in tech roles. Soft skills, on the other hand, are interpersonal or people skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability.

Wrapping Up

Employers can get a good idea of your hard skills by looking at your education, certifications, and previous experience. However, soft skills are harder to evaluate. Your resume and cover letter speak a lot. However, they might fail to convey all about your skills! Employers usually have to wait until an interview or your first few weeks on the job to get a good idea of your soft skills.

While soft skills are non-technical skills, they’re also part of your skillset, which has the largest impact on your workplace performance. We hope we could shed some light on the IT jobs and the must-have skills for a tech role in MNC.

If you’re looking to kickstart a marvelous tech career in MNC with a stupendous skillset, stay tuned with us. Grab some of the best online technical courses here!

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