Steps to create a Personal Website using your limited coding skills

site with limited coding skillls

  • Get inspired, yes start looking at as many sites you can, but make sure your inspiration doesn’t change into plagiarism. Try Pinterest Behance Dribble , or any design groups like HH Design
  • Decide the content of your site, and also evaluate your resources like buying a domain and server space to host it. I used freewebhostingarea. It provides free limited web hosting space
  • Start sketching layouts and don’t worry if they start looking hieroglyphics to others 😉 , just make sure you can understand it.
  • Choose the technology that could help you achieve your design, try all possible recent trends. Start coding, don’t worry if you struggle, keep your companion as Stackoverflow to overcome almost all issues
  • Make sure your code as per your design, don’t change your design just because you couldn’t code that, keep that as an last option. You could try w3schools too.
  • Try to get connected with experts in this field to assist you in any trouble during development,I was lucky to have team guvi. 🙂
  • Test your site with your friends and classmates/ workmates.
  • Publish the site and make sure you maintain it whenever possible. *just remember. A website is NEVER Done ! !

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