Tips to win “Paper Presentation”.

 Hai Buddies, I am L.PRIYANKA from NEW PRINCE SHRI BHAVANI COLLEGE OF ENGG. AND TECHNOLOGY. I am going to share the secret of my success; i think it will be useful for you my friends. I am going to share some tricks to win the paper presentation.  Here i am remembering one dialog from the film of  “Muthu”.


“kedaikuradu kadaikama irukadhu.kedaikama irukuradhu kedaikadu.”

If you follow the things that I have given ,surely you will get the prize.i.e. prize kedaikum kedaikama irukadhu .you have to put some hardwork.

I think ,i am  talking too much.Ok let us come to the  matter. In Paper Presentation i got a Prize.So ,  i am going to share my experience.

Some Points to remember,

  • Take an IEEE paper , you can ask me,” why we want to take always IEEE          paper” ,I asked the same question to my mam ,she told it is the standard format for doing / submitting the project ,which is strictly followed in many colleges.
  • we should always obey elders so,let us take IEEE paper and read it thoroughly.
  • Try to find the problem in that paper.
  • Find solution for the problem.
  • If you have implemented and show the solution for the problem then surely you can win the prize.
  • They will ask “What is your contribution in this paper?”.Most of them are simply presenting the paper, and saying just we are introducing the concept.Please don’t do that my friends.
  • Always try to propose the new concept or approach.It will help you to fetch the prize.
  • Put the slides very short i.e. only 15 slides including your concept name,thank you and queries.
  • slide should not have a line ,it should only have a hint that is also for you not for the judge or the audience.
    • Don’t read whatever in the slides because every one will know to read the text.
  • Always try to complete the presentation with allotted time otherwise you may get negative marks for not managing the Time properly.
  • e.Time Management is very important in presentation.
  • It you exceed the time then they tell to conclude the presentation. So better try to complete it earlier.


I have shared all my experience. So, I want you to keep this in mind and do the paper presentation  to win the prize.prize

Thank You.


I would like to thank Arun Prakash and Sridevi  mam to encourage me to write this blogs. Thank You. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

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