Trends in learning and education

Everything in the world has a trend attached to it.  Be it technology, gadgets, software, hardware, business, way of shopping, the way we socialize, etc.  And so does learning and education.  One of the most important things in life is Learning.  Today we will focus on the trends in Learning that we have seen in the past decades and the coming ones.

Traditional learning (Till 2000)

classroom training

  • In the traditional way of learning, we have students and teacher in the classroom and they typically use the black board or white board for teaching.


  • One teacher for many students, cheaper way of teaching for schools and colleges
  • Students can clarify their doubts then and there


  • No personalized care and attention to students
  • There is no one size fits all theory especially in learning, different people have different learning and grasping abilities

Unfortunately, this way of learning was not scalable.  Because ultimately different people have different learning capabilities, there is no one size fits all kind of learning.

E-Learning (2000 – 2013)

E Learning

  • As there was rapid increase in the technology innovations and the way businesses and concepts change, people had to learn a lot of different things in order to remain competitive in the market.  That was when people actually felt that the Traditional Learning is not scalable.  They invented E-Learning as a supplement, sometimes as an alternative to traditional learning.


  • Easy to access via Internet or Intranet
  • Massive time and effort saver, a 1 hour E-Learning course can be taught to thousands of students instead of < 100 in the classroom training.


  • Not a substitute for classroom based training
  • Monotonous over a period of time
  • Typically not that exciting stuff, because it is generally from traditional teachers

Blended Learning- ShareNLearn (2013 and future )

Bl Learning

Time passed by and as the E-Learning is becoming saturated and there need to be a better way of learning that will shape the future of learning.  We are by no means looking for a substitute to classroom training, but a nice supplement to it.  Some of the reasons behind this way of learning are

  • Everyone shares what they know
    • Everyone is knowledgeable about some topic or the other.  Without our knowing, we would have learnt from many people.  People are diverse in nature and each have unique skill sets or knowledge base that they can help others with
    • 10 different people can share 10 different viewpoints about the same topic, the result is you get 10 different perspectives
    • An expert may not be the best person to explain the concepts in a simple terms to a beginner or a novice player, but an intermediate or even better an average beginner can explain it to a novice a lot better.
    • The way of delivery is again through E-Learning but the emphasis is that, we need not be an expert to teach something.  You can just share what you know.
  • Learning is most effective when it is in the native language, people have a sense of connection
    • How many of you enjoyed learning in your local or native language?  For example there are many Tamil Tutorials for various technical topics. Have you ever experienced it?  It feels a natural connection when you learn it that way.
    • It is a huge confidence boost when you have a platform that encourages you to share your knowledge & learn in your native language
  • A community based learning and sharing will make you think and is more effective for your imagination
  • Currently there is no common platform for students, professionals and teachers who have a mental block or a stage fear
  • There is no common platform for building your online portfolio.  Nowadays this is making a crucial difference when it comes to Job Search for both College Pass outs and also for already working professionals.

As you can see, the trend is changing and in order to keep pace, we need to innovate in learning as well.  We at GUVI started to dig deep into these problems around learning and knowledge sharing and built this platform for blended learning, which makes learning and sharing very effective for students, teachers and professionals.  If you have any specific questions, please reach out to [email protected].  We will be happy to answer those.

We will also cover more on the topics of learning and knowledge sharing, and how effective it can be made and also provide live examples of how it transformed people’s way of learning.  We will also cover more technical blog posts in the future.

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