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This intensive one workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of game design through hands-on activities, group discussion, analysis, and critique. The training focus is to enable participants to develop interactive games using C# with the help of Unity platform. IMG-20180330-WA0006

About Workshop: This introductory workshop teaches 2D/ 3D project structure as participants creates and customize a 2D/ 3D game. Participants focus on 2D/ 3D game development. Participants will learn about 3D project structure while creating a 2D/ 3D endless runner game. Subjects covered will include physics, 3D graphics capability, scripting, rigging, and animation retargeting. The instructor will demonstrate how to use the various tools of the Unity Editor and the participants will create a 2D/ 3D game using the provided assets. They will also learn how to work with UI elements, physics, and animations.

Workshop Synopsis: Participants in this workshop will learn to
• Model a game character and to make the basic animations like walk, run and melee attacks.
• Creating an environment for your character to interact.

Benefits for the Participants
• Nationally recognized certificate with IITM Logo.
• Will obtain comprehensive knowledge about Game development. Skill Level Requirement of Participants: This workshop would be useful to students at all levels of skills and it would be helpful if they have a basic idea in C language.

Workshop Contents:
Students will participate in a series of exercises, including the following:
• 3D/ 2D modelling • Animating the game character
• Creating an environment for their game character
• Scripting of the game character and the various objects in the Game
• Core gameplay • Character model, Character setup
• Animation, Animator setup
• Platform system
• Lose settings
• Collectibles
• Publishing
• And new Unity Editor capabilities and features like: Cinemachine camera

Certification and Certificate Policy:

Certificate provided in this workshop will be with IIT Madras RTBI logo and would be provided to the candidates who have attended the workshop.
WORKSHOP FEES: • Rs. 500 per person
Date & Time : 7th April 2018 Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
Location: GUVI GEEK NETWORK PVT LTD IITM Research Park-Phase2 Module No. 7C,
3rd Floor – D Block,
Kanagam Road,
Chennai – 600113.

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