Visualize the concepts – Data structure(s) & algorithm(s)


Data Structure
Visualize the concepts – Data structure(s) & algorithm(s)


Glyps for Data Structures and Algorithms

Graph – We can represent the content of this blog in a word graphs , connecting each other or connecting all the blogs.

Divide and Conquer – While reading the contents of GUVI you can divide the contents in my small segments and learn them one by one or recursively.

Recursion – You can read a blogs and goto the links mentioned in that blog and traverse the links represented in the blogs till you feel its clear to stop and traverse back to GUVI blogs.

Array – You can list all the blog titles in an array so that you can sort the titles alphabetically.

Brute Force – Trying to randomly type the blog title in the address bar and trying to fetch the page.

BackTracking – While going into the links recursively or breath wise your have to keep track of your path so that you can comeback to the starting point and branch as and when needed.

Guys I am me plz … Give more examples in comments .

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