we dont have 1000 reasons but we have 3 reasons why guvi is vernacular


Almost everybody whom we talk about our venture GUVI, they will ask  immediately why vernacular ,why not English.Even we get comments like we are trying to discourage people from learning English.

I don’t want to quote the old Japanese/European stories why we should learn in mother tongue…..Rather I will use this space to tell few stories why we started GUVI as vernacular ?

Sticky Lips

Whenever Arun and myself  go  to our native, our parents will give appointments to college students even before we go there.Mostly the scene we see there will be, the student’s parents are so energetic and delighted  of getting information about employment ( than the students). And students are engrossed in fear , about the next big question we ask,  what are the skills you have ??

So they mostly they never open their mouth.

Our generation is so blessed  ,because our parents are  giving more importance to  their children’s education and trying to make them a professional degree holders.Their only belief  is ,if we make them study they will take care of the family in future.The plain fact is many students weren’t able to fulfill their parents dreams. Whom to blame ? System / Students / Attitude / Environment ???


Reason 1: Fear to touch things in English

Recently my dad called and asked me, my friends son is a  fresher looking for a  IT job .Being in industry in 10 yrs, can you help him in getting a IT job.I asked him whether he knows programming.As  expected, my dad toldthat  IT graduate does not know any programming language . I did not have a answer for him.Then he asked me ,whether can i suggest him a good computer center to learn programming.

I got angry at that time ,why people are still looking for computer center in the era of internet But when I sit and think I realized that not everyone can get chance like me to work in Honeywell which groomed me in my technical career.

Reason 2: Content Pollution in English

I can see that internet is suffering from content pollution .There are many things available so people are  not able to pick which one is right .Even though they pick, not all sites are able to make them engaged fully into learning .

Reason 3: Basic Human Physiology 

Last but not the least 🙂

I probed for few days in web and found that always humans  “list their task to do things” that makes them feel good. Chemical named Dopamine  is reason for this .It a feel good chemical.. For example, when we eat, the brain’s reward system tells us to feel good by activating dopamine in the nucleus accumbens or the dopaminergic systems .Food is a natural primary reward since it is so crucial for our survival. We are motivated to eat and to survi

dopaminedop2Like wise we have to make learning as a feel good activity.In this process we find that when we listen something in our native language we feel comfortable .Always we try to gel with people who speaks our language rather than other languages.Its a human nature there may be exceptions but most of us are like this. So why cant we use this to make learning a feel good activity.

Dopamine will be released in our brain when we feel rewarded.For adults learning new things is interesting and rewarding .And the more motivated and interested we are in an activity the more dopamine is released and the better we remember it

feel good

Essence of the story : This is what we try to achieve by giving vernacular videos. Learning should be a feel good activity and also language should not be a barrier to learn anything ..And also sharing in vernacular gives equal opportunity to everybody now to share their knowledge.Many times when I ask people to record videos they tell like I am not that much good in English to explain something.But immediately when I tell like they can record in their native language they feel very happy.

Feeling very proud and happy about what we are trying to achieve in GUVI. We are not only helping students but also many families who are hoping that their children will take care of their life.



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