What Are Your Weaknesses? 8 Steps To Improve, Before Your Next Interview?

What are your weaknesses?

One of the top questions in any interview goes as, “Speak about your strengths & weaknesses”. Speaking about Strengths is quite an easy tick for anybody. However, when it comes to weaknesses, we hardly find words! So, how do you prepare yourself for this tough one?

Maybe you should work on the weaknesses first and then wrap the same one in the best frame of words possible!

If you are that fresher trying to make your grandest entry into the tech world, then you might need to stream down on this blog and get started. Furthermore, anybody who is trying hard to deal with this question and not finding a way out can dig in and work accordingly.

What Is Your Greatest Weakness? - CIPHR

It could feel so great if we were in that position. But of course, that’s never gonna be the case!

We agree, it is tricky but this question can add colorful stars to your interview process.

So, how do you go about it?

1. Identify your weaknesses    

The first and foremost step in the process involves identifying your weaknesses. Sometimes, we fail to identify our weaknesses altogether. So, taking time out and recognizing your weak area is vital.

Identify your weanesses

You need to track down what is bothering you or what stops you from delivering the best.  Now, your weakness could be anything say technical skills, communication, aptitude, confidence, fear, etc.

The underlining fact is that only you can trace it! You may talk to your near and dear ones and consider what they think about your behavior and weaknesses. Maybe your friends can open up and make you recognize what you are missing out on!

Say, for example, one might have a problem getting started at something. They could have an issue of procrastination. It means they might delay or postpone their actions always or try to put off doing something every time. See, it is a very common weakness but identifying it is uncommon.

2. Acceptance   

So, now that you have worked out the first step and already identified your weakness, then how to move ahead about it?

The next step could be accepting it!

Only when we accept our shortcomings, then we can work on them.

In the case of the above example, where the person has just recognized that he/she finds themselves procrastinating everything, then the next step would be acknowledging the fact and accepting it.

3. Mark the end goal

Having an end goal is mandatory, as it provides a purpose to your action. A sense of responsibility to reach the future result creeps in when you have an end goal.

So, once you identify and realize your weakness, you need to keep in mind that you have to reach that end goal.

end goal

Get rid of the procrastination behavior– could be the end goal!

4. Make a rigid plan to improve on your weakness

Now that you have an end goal in your mind, you know where you need to go!

Just plan your ways to end up at the future result. The ways can be anything that suits your ways.

You may break it down into small steps or focus on reaching it in one go! However, you plan to do it, it’s necessary to stick to it.

An example of a short-term plan would be to start at anything that comes your way on spot. Rather than avoiding it and making plans to get started at any small habit at a later point in time, you may kickstart working on it already. So, immaterial how silly your initial steps would be you can just get started at them.

Taking any steps often helps reach the end goal in a better way. Have you not read the

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Book by James Clear. Oh, you must read it!

5. Focus  

Yes, all throughout the process, the one strength that you should endure is FOCUS.

Unless you focus and stay determined to achieve your goal, it’s very likely possible to be a failure. Well, let’s be positive and start focusing!

6. Get help   

Many times, things turn blank and not in favor of us. That’s possible. So, we might need help from others. You should be ready to consider help from anybody as such. Getting help is no setback in any way. We get to learn things from even a small child, leave alone the other counterparts.

Do not hesitate to as for help!


No! We are not asking for help like that, whatsoever. Try it out a better way.

In fact, we can learn something from everybody, you see. Furthermore, we all need help, don’t we?

Let’s say you need someone to remind you to get started in the stern. Just ask someone who is punctual and always on time to take you along. It’s better to seek help and do it on time, rather than keeping it undone for later!

7. Track your plan

Track your plan regularly.

Before going to any big interview, make a point to have a check on your past few achievements on the same.

Just check if you are going according to the plan.  If you are not on track, you need to be quick and work harder on your actions.  This will help you put your focus back on track. Meanwhile, get you close to your end goal.

8. Celebrate your progress

You deserve a pat on your back, once in a while. It can be self-treat or a cheat day in between!

Once you see progress in your plan, cherish it and celebrate. Plan forward for the next milestone.  Cherishing your small successes will keep you motivated for more!

Achieving quick actions on the next 10 things that come way, is simply put, avoiding procrastination on the next 10 actions. Isn’t that an achievement! Oh, well, it is!

Now let’s stand in front of the mirror again! And just ask, what’s your weakness?

“No! Procrastination is definitely NOT!” What do you say?

Do you have any other thoughts on how to improve on a weak area?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.  If you like this post and feel this might help someone, please share it with your friends.  Learn tech skills with ease with GUVI’s Zen Class.

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