What is CodeKata in GUVI?

Many aspiring students, fresh graduates, and career-switchers have this common question to the experts, “what is the best approach to master programming for making a professional career?”. Truly, here’s what is CodeKata in GUVI meant for.

Programming is the dream job role for many. No wonder! As it’s one of the most excellent jobs with great salary packages. But, most of the aspirants tend to give up on this dream job just because of the lack of information & career guidance from the programming experts. 

Of course, one cannot become a programmer overnight. It’d take some dedicated efforts for any beginner to become a professional in programming. So, what is the best tip for programming that you’d find in this blog? Cheers! We have CodeKata for us. 

Programming Practice Platform – ‘CodeKata’

What is CodeKata in GUVI?

Defining CodeKata can make it easier to understand its purpose & utilize it much better manner. The word ‘Kata’ basically means an exercise consisting of a sequence of specific movements in martial arts. Likewise, CodeKata is an online coding platform for programming practice through coding exercises. 

In fact, CodeKata is developed by an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated Edutech-‘GUVI’. The main vision of CodeKata is to enable online programming practice for aspirants who wish to master coding without the hassle of downloading or installing a set-up as a coding environment. 

How does CodeKata help the programming aspirants?

CodeKata holds an extensive library of 1500+ coding exercises. Indeed, all of which are curated by programming experts in an order of trending topics. Many students & freshers have upvoted for CodeKata since it gives access to practice in about 22 programming languages with Python being the most popular language. Alongside, these coding exercises bridge the programming skills gaps that are in high demand in the IT industry. 

Altogether, these practice questions help crack the coding/tech interviews for popular companies like ZOHO, MakeMyTrip, Accolite & much more.

Wishing to enter the programming world as a skilled professional? Try CodeKata for Free Now!

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