Women Paradise

Women Paradise Sridevi, COO & Co-founder of Guvi

“She believed She could, so she did .”

The very best example for the above quotes is Sridevi Arunprakash. A Challenging person who is a great Inspiration for many women who wants to achieve in their life.

Her Experience

Sridevi Arunprakash has 13 years of experience in building products and consumer perception. Over her tenure, she has worked with companies like Honeywell, TCS, Paypal. Sridevi is responsible for organizing and streamlining the activities inside GUVI. Sridevi plays a pivotal role in bringing financial discipline within the startup and make sure the focus doesn’t shift from the goals. She was in the Top 60 Women Transforming India by NITI Aayog, Top 15 Women Entrepreneur for the Tech Cohort of EmpoWer , Zone Startups Mumbai and one of the 11 Women Entrepreneurs for Google LaunchPad. She does her work on the users perspective, goes down to the level of a Student to make them understand in their training’s. She is an All-rounder as she looks after all the works both at the office and at home.

Queen of Empathy

A caring Mother not only to her Son but also to the training students and employees in the office, more of all a lovable and a responsible Wife to his husband. “Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.”, Sridevi Arunprakash is a woman for Empathy, not Sympathy, she has the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. A multi-talented woman who looks after finance, coding, accounts, teaching, marketing and so on…

Her Infinite Love

Sridevi Arunprakash’s love is boundless to everyone. Her love at home to her son, husband and the entire family is more than a cosmic. Her real love is shown when the understanding level between her and her husband is high. In spite of her busy schedule, her tech skills, her awards and talents, when it comes to family she gives more important to them. The positive energy which she gives is her Smile.

Her Words

“If you want to become a Super Star in your Life, be a Technologist.” -Sridevi Arunprakash

Technology is a magical drink that gives you a lot of Superpowers, I am able to decide the City in which I have to work, the Company and the Salary I want to get. It gives me a lot of Financial independence, the pride it gives you in Society and in Family is abundant. And when your kid says, “My Mom is everything”, the feeling can’t be expressed in words and it is all possible because of Tech Skills. One advise to all the students who want to enter into tech skills, “Be a Binary in any technology you select, try to be expert in that work. Until you reach that level, never stop practising.”, she adds.

Life hack: “It’s time for women to stop second-guessing ourselves and start believing that we are the best at what we do. If you don’t, no one else will believe it.”


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