You should be a CEO to screw up the production site

Being a CEO of  startup company daily I am having some new  and exciting experiences thought of sharing it with all of you…hope it should not be boring

Aug5th,  we planned to give our first release for GUVI after I have took over as CEO.The day came and in over enthusiasm that release should happen on the committed  date,I planned to deploy the code .

But from the last week itself ,our SME advised to push the code little by little so that we should not get last minute surprises. But deployment is not my cup of tea, I have not tried that before so I am little confused  about how to carry on that task. I was keep on doing analysis and tried many tools like deploy etc

Atlatst Arun suggested to create  Unix softlinks so  that whatever changes we pull in repository folder will got automatically reflected in production folder.I did a dry run in our ubuntu PC and got confidence that this will work.

As a precautionary I have taken back up of the current working code and db in production and pushed the code to live.As expected ,even sign up does not work.Even though I am CEO now developer blood has run for 10 yrs right ,so automatically tension got shoot up.So as our usual ritual ,I thought of revoking the new code and restored the older one.

To my surprise the older code did not work now 🙁 .I did not make any changes and I have no clue.Already I am in tension we are not able to release the code now even the older code is not working.

Suddenly I got a clue like may be CDN we are using is causing issues.CDN will usually take some 2 hrs or more ,reflect the changes we make in production.I dont have that much patience to wait o swent to CDN e sitand check for the options to pull the changes immediately.I found one and I prayed to god it should work now.

But no luck still got the same problem.I am little worried that we started our talks with the colleges from Coimbatore,Rajasthan,Andhra and Karnataka for python classes (planned to start on Aug9th)as a part of QEEE from IITM.They may hit our site and what impression it will leave even the index page is looking misaligned.


I have no other option so just informed Arun and left the  office.But second day I found that may be I am barking up the wrong tree.So to funnel down the options I  decided to switch off CDN .

To my surprise the siteis up and and atleast I was able to restore the site in working state


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