How To Crack ZOHO’s Interview Process?

crack ZOHO's interview

Are you one of those programmers trying to make an outstanding career by stepping into multinational companies? Do your dreams of a successful career keep you awake? With millions of aspirants trying to vibrantly make an entry into one of the best companies- ZOHO, we found literally 1000’s asking this question. So we have made a precise doc on ZOHO’s Interview Process that will assist you to make a leap!

Our more than a decade of experience has taught us that companies prefer to stick to their pre-formulated processes. What is ZOHO’s interview process that will help you make your way to this grand Tech space?

ZOHO’s Interview Process in brief

There are five rounds in the Interview process of ZOHO. They are

1. First Round: (Aptitude written round)
2. Second Round: (Normal Programming round)
3. Third Round: (Advanced Programming Round)
4. Fourth Round: (Technical Round)
5. Fifth Round: (HR round)

We have tried to make your learning process as simple as it could be. Here is a sample cheatsheet that you can follow. This secret copy is based on the exact format that ZOHO incorporates. These topics are the frequently asked questions in ZOHO.

1. First Round: (Aptitude, written round)

After impressing HR with a wonderful resume, you get to kickstart ZOHO’s Interview process with the first round. This round usually consists of two sections “Reasoning Aptitude” and “Technical Aptitude”.

Reasoning Section:

The reasoning section inclines more towards puzzles. So, make sure to concentrate on logical puzzles. Do you know that we are all natural problem-solvers when we are still young? Keep practicing logical puzzles and you will be available to crack this round with ease.

Technical Aptitude

On the other hand, Technical Aptitude deals more with “operator precedence”, “pointers”, “iterations”, “dynamic memory allocations”. This round is more or less similar to any corporate companies that you look to enter.

ZOHO's Interview

2. Second Round: (Normal Programming round)

The second round of the Interview process of ZOHO consists of normal programming. Herein you need to deliberately showcase your basic programming skills.

1. Print the word with odd letters as

          PM R A O R G O R R A PM
2. Given a set of numbers like <10, 36, 54,89,12> we want to find the sum of weights based on the following conditions
5 if a perfect square
4 if multiple of 4 and divisible by 6
3 if even number
And sort the numbers based on the weight and print it as follows <10,its_weight>,<36,its weight><89,its weight>
Should display the numbers based on increasing order.
3. Save the string “WELCOMETOZOHOCORPORATION” in a two-dimensional array and search for a substring like “too” in the two-dimensional string both from left to right and from top to bottom.


And print the start and ending index as

Start index : <1,2>

End index: <3, 2>
4. Given a 9×9 Sudoku, we have to evaluate it for its correctness. We have to check both the submatrix correctness and the whole sudoku correctness.
5. Given a two-dimensional array of string like

<”luke”, “shaw”> <”wayne”, “rooney”> <”rooney”, “ronaldo”> <”shaw”, “rooney”>

Where the first string is “child”, the second string is “Father”. And given “ronaldo” we have to find his no of grandchildren Here “ronaldo” has 2 grandchildren. So our output should be 2.

3. Third Round: (Advanced Programming Round)

After clearing the second round in ZOHO’s Interview process, you will be promoted to the third round. Here the level of programming will increase and you will have to answer the question with more advanced programming skills. The questions can be something similar to –

Create a “Railway reservation system” with the given 4 modules. 

The modules being 

1. Booking 

2. Availability checking 

3. Cancellation 

4. Prepare a chart 

Create the modules for representing each data first and to continue with the implementation phase.

4. Fourth Round: (Technical Round)

Further, in the Interview process of ZOHO, the fourth round is very exciting. Herein, Technical questions around “data structures” and “OOPS” could be put forth. These questions test your basic understanding of the concepts. If you are a wonderful programmer, you just have to brush up on the better ways to present the answer to these questions. And you can easily surpass this round.

5. Fifth Round: (HR round)

Almost at the end of ZOHO’s Interview process, as any other interview process comes in the HR round. Some general HR questions mainly about your projects and about certifications if any would be asked.

Wrapping Up on Zoho’s interview process

So, this is a glimpse of what ZOHO follows. Practice and make sure you carry the right set of mind that you need for cracking Zoho’s interview process. For more such articles stay tuned with us!

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