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How to Build & Publish your Chrome Extension in less than 5 Minutes!

In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the whole process to create and publish a Google Chrome Extension. The chrome extension is very extensible and it seems like there is a plugin for everything you want with the… Continue Reading →

How to create your own eCommerce Website like Amazon/Flipkart

The first stepping stone to set off the e-commerce juggernaut in India was perhaps laid down in 2007, when two engineers Sachin, and Binny from IIT, Delhi decided to pursue their entrepreneurial dream and started selling books online from a… Continue Reading →

ZEN Review: Your First & Final Step Towards Becoming A PRO Full Stack Developer

Is Full Stack Development your dream career? Do you wish to be that all-rounder Full Stack Developer? Then walk through with us to find out the statistics, and answer all the wh questions pertaining to Full Stack Development and GUVI’s… Continue Reading →

These 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs Are Trending Right Now!

Are you one of those techies, who is looking out to grab high-paying jobs in the market? Then we have coiled up a brilliant list of the best high-paying jobs in 2021. So, you can kickstart your career right now!  … Continue Reading →

Uncover the fundamentals of Python| Python Learning Made Easy!!

By the end of 1989, Python’s inventor Guido Van Rossum was investing his time in one of his side projects to keep him occupied during the Christmas break. His goal was to create a new scripting language targeting Unix/C hackers… Continue Reading →

Top SQL Interview Questions one needs on their fingertips!!

The relational database MySQL remains one of the most extensively used Database Management systems over the years. A database is a collection of data in layman’s terms: structured, organized, and stored in the digital form to ensure easy retrieval, access,… Continue Reading →

Now Become A Full Stack Developer In 90 Days!

Are you wondering how to become a skilled Full Stack Developer? That also just in 3 months? Do you often wake up with a dream of leading the corporate as a successful Full Stack Developer? Do you wish to be… Continue Reading →

MEAN vs MERN Stack: The Right Choice For Fast Growing Career & Salary

MEAN vs MERN! This is constantly running comparison while you think of getting into a career in Full-Stack Development. When it comes to building a career in Full-Stack web development, there are a plethora of frameworks and programs to choose… Continue Reading →

MongoDB vs. MySQL: Which is the best to learn?

Let’s know the basics of databases first… Databases can be broadly categorized under two headings – SQL and NoSQL databases. SQL databases are those that define and manipulate data based on structured query language (SQL). MySQL is one of the… Continue Reading →

How To Become A Full Stack Developer?

How to become a Full Stack Developer? What are the programming languages, which courses, and what duration is apt to acquire the required skills? Why learn Front-End Development or Back-End Development for that case? With so much hype going around… Continue Reading →

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