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The LEGB Rule Explaining Scope in Python Programming Language

Why understand Scope in Python? Readability or ease of writing doesn’t make a programming language ideal. There are hundreds of elements that come together and frame an ideal programming language. Among those hundreds of elements, the Scope is one of… Continue Reading →

Python: What Is The Use Of The Word ‘self’?

Being a Python user, have you ever found the keyword (that actually is not a keyword) “self” just as a trap? Yes!!! But some of you might know its use but there are several beginners and other users who found… Continue Reading →

Why Is Using ‘eval’ A Bad Practice?

Are you using the eval function to evaluate the mathematical expression in Python? Yes, many of you might be. But do you even know that using eval can be a bad practice?  Now, if you are wondering why? Then probably… Continue Reading →

What Does The yield Keyword In Python Do?

If you are a beginner and have recently started learning to program then you must have come across the ‘yield’ keyword in Python.  There is a big possibility that you might feel confused about what it is! On the other… Continue Reading →

Ruby vs. Python: Comparison

6 Essential Prerequisites for Learning AngularJS

Ever wondered why AngularJS is self-described as a “superheroic JavaScript platform”? Find out the 6 Prerequisites for AngularJS that will help you answer that question.  There is no denying that AngularJS as a web development framework is gaining popularity.  Top… Continue Reading →

6 Best Front End JavaScript Frameworks to Learn in 2021

The first and most essential building blocks of the software development process are front-end frameworks. The majority of businesses emphasize user experience. What users see and feel must be seamless, no matter how complicated the functions and procedures in the… Continue Reading →

6 Essential Prerequisites for Learning ReactJS

What are the prerequisites for ReactJS? Have you ever wished to create your own modern website or app with high performance and security? If you did, learning ReactJS is the best decision! Making beautiful, sensitive, and quick web applications requires… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Vue.js than ReactJS and AngularJS

Vue.js is commonly referred to as Vue. It is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework for building User Interfaces to supply a better User Experience. Vue.js is rapidly growing in the market and offers significant advantages over React and Angular. For… Continue Reading →

Top 6 Reasons Why AngularJS is Better than ReactJS

Numerous articles are discussing whether React or Angular is the better web development framework. We will look at some of the main reasons why Angular is a better choice than React in this article. Angular is a complete toolkit that… Continue Reading →

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